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Altecom (Alta Tecnología en Comunicaciones, S.L.) with NIF: B-61.877.031, is a communication integral services company with 100% European capital, with headquarters in 23 Bisbe Torras i Bages street, Manresa (Barcelona). Its goal is to cover the necessities of the companies and organizations, in reference with the communicator between their networks. Studying their necessities and offering, in each case, the best type of connection.

Altecom is enrolled in the Mercantile Registry of Barcelona in the Volume 31560, Folio 0028, Section G, Leaf 193.871, Inscription 1st

Altecom offers high-speed access to Internet thanks to its own IP network in the province of Barcelona with more than 2000 Km., and its own International network of interconnection. With an annual global availability over the 99,999%

Altecom wants to help the companies to join the world of the new technologies of communication and facilitate the necessary structures offering global services. For this reason our service offers guarantees from the necessary hardware installation to a study of your necessities and the possible communication applications.

Altecom has an authorization of Type C Operator and VoIP license adjudged by "Comisión del Mercado de las Telecomunicaciones" (Commission of the Market of the Telecommunications), which allows us to offer services with our own network at data level and services of voice over IP with our own numeration.

Altecom is present in the main exchange points, arriving with its own International network, where we have agreements with several operators to reduce the necessary hops to reach a destination and the latency in the communications, doing this the customer is the most beneficiary.

Altecom is also AS (Autonomous System), thanks to fulfilling the norms required by RIPE NCC (Network Coordination Centre of Europa). It has the number AS16030, so we are independent from any operator. The networks works using the BGP4 protocol, which always chooses the best entrance and exit route to Internet, and this makes the delay time minimum, and therefore the access speed is faster.

Altecom is also LIR of RIPE (Local Internet Registrator) which allows us to make arrangements of autonomous systems or IP ranks for our customers.

You can call our Client Attention Service, through our direct line 902 123 902, or through our contact page.

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