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1. Is your connection compatible with "la tarifa plana ondulada de Telefónica"?
Yes, get in contact with us, and we'll do the neccessary transactions to setup your connection free.

2. Can I connect through an ISDN connection?
Yes, the connections can be modem up to 56 kbps, ISDN with multiple simultaneous channels, without any charge.

3. Can I have more than one simultaneous connection with the same login?
Yes, Altecom allows 5 simultaneous connections with the same login.

4. Do your connections have a limit of monthly hours connection?
No. The connections don't have a limit of hours. You can be connected 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

5. Can I use the "tarifa plana" ISDN with your connections?
You can use the "tarifa plana" in our connections without any problem and additional charge.

6. Can I connect my portable through my cellular with Altecom?
Yes. Yes you can connect to Internet through Altecom using your cellular, without any charge by Altecom. You only need to call the number 550 to connect.

7. Can I listen to the messages of my mailbox in my cellular?
Yes, Altecom has an agreement with Movistar, in order to offer this service to our customers. You can also receive a short message (SMS) with the subjects of the received mails.

8. Can I consult my mail from any connection in the world?
Yes, Altecom allows the acess to the mailboxes from any provider connection. We also have a WebMail to allow you to conslut your messages from any web browser.

9. Does Altecom block the access to some contents?
Altecom allows access to all ports and servers in the world. It may be possible that some of our bandwith providers limit the bandwith to some web sites, but it would be very rare.

10. Are the mail messages eliminated after a certain time?
Yes, the messages older than 3 months are eliminated, doing this we reduce the occupied space in Altecom, and as a consequence of this, the speed of receiving messages increases.

11. People send messages to me, but they recive returned mails explainig that my mailbox is full.
You have 20 MB of space in your mailbox and you are occupying all of it, so, we recommend you to deactivate the option from your mail program of saving messages in the server, in order to have free space in your mailbox.

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