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1. Why are your webs shown faster than with other servers?
Altecom uses compression and accelerating techinques of web in real time, and our interconnections to Internet have a minimum delay.

2. Does the domain hosting include connection?
Yes, it does, and it's free, a connection to Internet through Altecom, by modem and ISDN with multiple channels at the same time.

3. Can I have protected directories inside my domain?
Yes, you can protect the directories you want with different logins and passwords. This is ideal because you can give acces to your information only to the people you want.

4. What are preinstalled CGIs ?
Preinstalled CGIs are small utilities, like counters, forums, sending via web to mail forms, etc... They can help you to make the web more interactive.

5. Which is the use of Perl, PHP, MIVA, etc...?
They are programming languages in which you can insert HTML code to make interactive webs, with the possibility of database lecture and with a lot of possibilities.

6. How can I update my web?
Using a FTP client you'll be able to update it remotely as many times as you want, wherever you are in the world, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year.

7. Will I be able to read my mail if I have a connection with another ISP?
Yes, from any place in the world, you can receieve the mail, even if you don't have the electronic mail program, you will be able to read it with our Webmail.

8. If I have DSL or another ISP, will I be able to send through your SMTP?
Yes, we have a special SMTP for the DSL, and thanks to the authenticated SMTP you will be able to make your sendings without any additional charge.

9. Is your mail server free from virus?
Yes, we can guarantee that 99,9% of the sent and receieved mails won't have virus, because they will be desinfected in the server and the emittier and the recpetor will be warned.

10. The quota which includes the register to searchers, in which we will be registered?
Altecom makes the request of register to the main searchers: WebCrawler, Lycos, Northern Light, Excite, Google, DirectHit, HotBot, Scrub The Web, FAST Search, Alexa, REX, National Directory, InfoSpace, Search It, Voila, Infohiway, NerdWorld, What-U-Seek, Mall Park, EntireWeb. From here, if it is registered or not, only depends on the searcher.

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