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1. How can I update the shop?
En el moment de l'setup, Altecom will give you a login and a password, with which you will be able to manage your shop wherever you are in the world, through web page.

2. How can I know if somebody has bought anything in my shop?
At the moment that the client makes the purchase, it is stored in a database inside your shop database and you can consult it with the administation utility. At the same time you and your customer will receive an electronic mail, which indicates the order number, the purchased products and the total price in invoice format.

3. Can I have a virtual shop without payments by visa?
Yes, it is possible to do it with the option that you prefer: banking transference to later, c.o.d., check, etc...

4. Is your shop compatible with all the banks?
It is compatible with most of the Spanish Banks. Altecom is in contact with all the TPV departments of the banks in order to adapt our electronic commerce system and as a consequence making it more compatible and safe.

5. Can I have afiliated webs to my shop and give them commission by sale?
Yes, with the Administration panel you can add affiliates. These, with a text or a banner in their web, can generate possible purchases. You can know from which web you have received the orders and the price of the sales for possible commissions.

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