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Atención telefónica
Atención telefónica: 902 123 902

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1. Can you offer me DNS service for the service I want to host?
Yes, altecom will facilitate access to a web panel where you will be able to manage your domains inside the DNS servers of altecom, without any limit or additional cost.

2. Can I have physical access to your datacenters?
Yes, using a management panel which we'll facilitate, you will be able to ask physical access the 24 hours of the day, the 7 days of the week. You'll receive an email confirming your access in less than 15 minutes after your request.

3. How can I manage the plugs which you facilitate me?
With the web panel you will be able to cut or give electricity to be able to make a reset of you equipment. In the same website you will be able to see the status of the plug (on or off).

4. With the bandwidth service do you include several IPs?
Yes, by default 8 IP addresses are offered (5 usable) to assign to your devices. If you want more P addresses you can ask for an extension.

5. Are you local registrar of RIPE (LIR)?
Yes, altecom is, since several years ago, registrar and we can make all the managements for the request to become AS (autonomous system), request your own IP rank, etc.

6. Which is the average consumption of a server?
The average consumption of a standard server is 0.30 Ampers, the consumption can increase depending of the number of devices connected, such as hard disks, etc.

7. Can you manage the interconnection with other operators?
Yes, altecom can make the necessary managements for the interconnection and bring the corresponding cable to your rack space.

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