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Atención telefónica
Atención telefónica: 902 123 902

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Plug management

From the plug list we will see the status of each one (on or off), and a description of the connected device.

From here we can turn on/off or make a reset (cutting the electricity during 5 seconds) the connected devices.
Contact list

In order to request for physical access to the datacenters you have to fill and maintain up to date the contact list.

The same list is used for the 24 hour phone attention in case of any problem.
Authorisation list

You can consult the authorisation status (accepted, pending or declined).

The 24 hours security personnel receive your access request and in less than 15 minutes the status is updated in the website and your receive a notification email.

You can consult the consumption stats of your housing, differentiating the upload and the download..

The stats are distributed in several graphs:

  - Daily consumption
  - Weekly consumption
  - Monthly consumption
  - Yearly consumption
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