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1. Really all the calls between Altecom clients are free?
Yes, of course. Only for having Altecom IP lines you’ll be able to make as many calls as you want between Altecom network customers.

2. Can I call to any number in the world?
Yes, you can call to any fix or mobile number from any country, if your line has enough balance. Or if the dialled number is another Altecom customer, even if s/he is in another country, it will be free.

3. Do I need a computer to use your service?
No, with an IP phone or adapter and a bandwidth connection, you will be able to make and receive calls. If you don’t want to acquire an IP phone/adapter you can use our service through your computer with a program which will give you.

4. Are there any establishment cost, hour stripes or minimum minutes?
No, all the calls to mobile or fix of any country will be invoiced per seconds from the first second and there is neither establishment cost, nor hour stripes to make your calls.

5. Which bandwidth do I need to call through your system?
The bandwidth necessary to make a call is 24 kbps, with a basic xDSL, you’d be able to make 4 simultaneously calls, if don’t use at the same moment a service which is consuming bandwidth.

6. Can I take my IP phone/adapter to another place or country?
Yes, you can take your equipment in any place in the world where you have a bandwidth connection and you’ll be able to make calls at the same price, and receiving calls.

7. Using Peer-to-Peer programs affect the quality of the calls?
Yes, Peer-to-Peer programs such as Emule, Kazaa, etc. try to use the maximum bandwidth of your Internet connection, so it can cause packet loss and it would affect to the quality of your calls. We recommend you to limit the bandwidth used these applications so the quality will be correct.

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