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Altecom gives the opportunity to use the entire professional necessary infrastructure to make FREE call through Internet.

Our system DOESN’T require a static public IP, opening ports in the routers, any computer. It can work through firewalls, being able to use whichever private IP address you want and the number of IPphones/adapters you want inside the same LAN network.

You can take your IP phone/adapter wherever in the world where you have a bandwidth connection (xDSL, Cable, WiFi, etc.), and call FREE to all the users of the IP Telephony / VoIP of Altecom, and fix and mobile wherever in the world they are with an incredibly economic prices, more than 80% cheaper than the normal telephonic system.

Both the calls to mobile and the fix are invoiced per seconds and without call establishment, and it doesn’t exist either any setup or monthly quota, it’s different from the normal telephonic system.

If you want, Altecom can give you incoming geographic numeration (81, 83, etc.) in order to receive calls wherever you are. It’s also possible to assign intelligent network numeration (800, 900, 901, 902, etc.) to your IP phone/adapter.

If you are a company and you have some delegations either at national or international level, or you only want to call your relatives or friends from other provinces or countries, you will be able to do it without any cost, thanks to Altecom network.

If you already have a physic switchboard with VoIP support, you can take advantage of it and connect it to our system through the protocols SIP and IAX, without the necessity to acquire any IP adapter and you’ll be able to take advantage of the cheap prices and free calls between Altecom’s IP Telephony / VoIP customers.

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