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Altecom allow you to phone to free number, form where you’ll be able to test your line, see the balance of your account, etc.

100 Welcome message to the Altecom’s IP telephony network in the defined language in your account management panel.

101 Echo test, to measure the sound quality, and the latency of your phone/adapter to our IP telephony servers.

102 Informs you of the current time in the defined language for the messages in the account management panel.

103 Informs you about your IP phone number, so you can determine with which number you are identified in the system.

104 Informs you about the balance you have to make calls outside the Altecom network.

105 It reads the e-mails you received in your mailbox, previously defined in your account management panel.

110 Access to the voice mailbox (answering machine) from any IP phone of Altecom network.

123 Attention to the client, for technical and commercial questions (also known 902123902)

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