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From the line list we can see at first sight if the lines are connected.

From here we'll be able to access to the page where we'll be able to modify the options of each line and the page where we can see the calls we've made.
Call history

The call history can be global of all the calls or only for a specific line.

In the list, if chosen, all the calls appear, including the one which weren't established because it was busy or the didn't answer.

You can see the consumption stats of your ip telephony lines.

The stats are distributed in diferent graphs:

  - Invoicing per line
  - Calls inside Spain
  - Invoicing calls to Spain
  - Calls per destination
  - Invoicing per destination
Virtual Switchboard

The customers who contract the virtual switchboard will be able to create internal extensions, see a list of the internal calls, received calls, and of course, configure the switchboard.

In the switchboard, different options can be defined depending if it is in or out of the office schedule.
On-Line recharges

Recharges can be made in any moment of the day thanks to the possibility of paying by credit card.

Thanks to an automated system, once the electronic payment has been confirmeed by our bank, the balance is recharged to the user.

Recharges can also be made by bank transfer.
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