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1. Can I do a sending to any Spanish company?
Yes, Altecom has agreements with all the spanish mobile telephonie companies.

2. Which is the maximum number of postponed messages that your system can support?
Our present system can mantain more than 100.000.000 delayed messages, but it is as easy as duplicating thr infraestructure to duplicate the capacity.

3. Can I use this system to promote my products?
Yes, but with the previous authoritzation of the message receiver. The sending of non solicited messages is forbidden.

4. We have a news web, can we earn money with it?
Yes, Altecom can develop a system, in which, to access certain contents of your web a repayed SMS will be necessary.

5. Can I send from my web and my system using your footbridge?
Yes, using a simple CGI which we can give access to, it comunicates your equipment with our sending footbrige.

6. Can my clients, through a normal or repayed SMS, access my company database?
Yes, we can develop a system which using the parameters that you define, your customer can consult the database, and give them an answer via e-mail and/or via SMS.

7. How can I know if a message has been sent or not?
Through our web panel, you will be able to follow, in real time, the sendings of the messages, even consult the hour when a message was been sent through our system.

8. If I run out of credit and I already have messages in queue, won't they be sent?
Our system, automatically, will send you an e-mail and a SMS informing that you have ran out of credit, so you can charge your account as soon as possible.

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