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Altecom makes all the necessary infrastructure available to make the massive or customized sending of SMS messages to mobile phones of any Spanish or international comapny.

Through a web panel, you can send messages to different user groups which you have previously defined. You can also leave several sendings for later, in order to send them on specific days and/or hours, see the sending status in real time of each sent message, etc...

You can also, through an Excel or Access file, export the data to our system automatically. You will be able to see the status of your balance, and charging it on-line through Visa card, or making checks of sent messages.

Practical examples of these services can be: discos, which use a postoned sending system and they automatically send a message at 18:00 when the young people don't know what to do. Or business management services which inform to the clients who have to present a document before a specifi date.

Altecom also can repay, through a short number, because you would be able to offer interactive services. You can also develop the application you want, such as a payment system through SMS in order to access certain contents of your web page, etc...

The possibilities to apply this service are enormous, and for this reason we invite you to contact us and we will make a thorough study of your business or your necessities.

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