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1. We have a satellite Tv channel, can we use your service?
Yes, Altecom will tune, in a dedicated receiver, your channel in the frequency which you specify, and we'll broadcast to Internet in the format/s you need.

2. Can we broadcast a conference if the room has an ISDN or DSL line?
Yes, even if it isn't very good, you can use them if you want to difuse low resolution images and sounds.

3. What do I need to be able to emit?
You only need a powerful PC, a Windows 2000 or superior operating system, and a good connection to Internet for sending the stream to Altecom, and we will resend to all the users who connect.

4. We have an automated Fm emitter with Winamp and MP3, can we resend the signal to your streaming servers?
Yes, it's only necessary to install additional software, which we will provide to do the broadcast to Internet through Altecom's servers.

5. Is it possible to limit the number of spectators/listeners?
Yes, you can limit the number of simultaneously connected users, you can even define by hours and/or days.

6. Can we protect our content or restrict the access to a closed group of users?
Using a username and a password the user can access the content, if the user doesn't have an username, he/she won't have access.

7. Is it possible to emit the same content with different speeds?
You can choose different speeds and qualities for the users who access your contents in order to adapt the content to each situation.

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